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When 55-year-old Benny Hayun received a call from the Hadassah Medical Center notifying him that a donor liver was located, he was on route to the hospital within minutes.
As part of an international group of researchers from 20 medical centers, the Hadassah Medical Center’s Director of Clinical Pharmacology, Prof. Yoseph Caraco, helped to develop a revolutionary formula that will allow physicians to calibrate the proper individualized dose of the anticoagulant, Coumadin, for the millions of individual heart patients worldwide.
Nine top-level Australian physicians traveled to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem at the end of April to participate in the first conference sponsored by AUSiMed, a bilateral medical initiative spearheaded by Hadassah Australia. During the intensive two days of sharing their expertise and medical protocols within two tracks—neuroscience/regenerative medicine and child health—they mapped out opportunities for future medical and scientific exchanges with Hadassah.
The Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Medicine and Hadassah Medical Center will be opening Israel's first Military Medical School in Jerusalem this October, bringing new vibrancy and prestige to the city.
In appreciation for his life-long extensive and influential communal work, Gennie Freen, immediate past Chair of Young Hadassah Holland, was decorated as a member of the Royal Dutch Order of Orange-Nassau by the mayor of the city of Amstelveen (bordering Amsterdam) on behalf of the Queen of the Netherlands. Mr. Freen, 35, was nominated by his friends and Young Hadassah colleagues for this prestigious honor, which is awarded to upstanding citizens with long records of devoted humanitarian service.
Using a laser, Senior Ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Halpert (left) successfully treated a Golden Eagle’s cataract at the Hadassah Medical Center. The bird had already lost one eye due to an injury and the managers of Jerusalem’s biblical zoo had asked Hadassah to help save the bird’s sight.
When a seven-year-old girl arrived at the Hadassah Medical Center with a cancerous tumor in her eye that caused her eyeball to bulge, Hadassah’s Radiotherapy and Oncology teams fought to save her life and her sight. Thanks to a combination of high-powered focused radiation and chemotherapy, they succeeded. Today, Dalia is a healthy young girl with full vision in both her eyes.
Hadassah Australia leaders knew the Hadassah Medical Center could be of major assistance in the aftermath of “Black Saturday,” when bush fires ravaged townships and rural centers on the outskirts of Melbourne, causing major destruction and loss of lives. They suggested that Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital invite Dr. Esti Galili, head of Hadassah’s Jerusalem Crisis Intervention Center (JCIC), to help health professionals treat the traumatized children. Dr. Galili was already slated to travel to Australia to greet and update supporters of the JCIC, the fundraising project adopted by Hadassah Australia.
Prof. Azaria Rein, head of Pediatric Cardiology at the Hadassah Medical Center, along with a team of pediatric specialists, saved the life of a newborn baby, suffering from a severe heart blockage, by stabilizing her pulse with a temporary pacemaker immediately after delivery.
The Ukranian grandson of a “Righteous Gentile,” who was recognized at Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust museum for risking his life to hide Jews in his family home during the Holocaust, is awaiting a bone marrow transplant at the Hadassah Medical Center. Anton Polischuk, 23, is suffering from leukemia and the transplant is his best treatment option.