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Dear Friends, We all know how the days of our lives seem to flow seamlessly from past to present and on into the future. This week, when National President Marcie Natan visited us for the first time as Hadassah’s highest elected official, I remembered the many times we had welcomed her in the past, when we sat together, discussed the latest developments at the Medical Center and spoke about what lay ahead.
With a lively “Get Well Soon” song, the doctors, nurses, and a slew of other staff members at the Hadassah University Medical Center, send a wish for healing and health.
Dear Friends, We at Hadassah have always understood that illness and disease cross borders without regard for international demarcations --and that man-made and natural disasters unfortunately leave people in need of rapid medical expertise.
Two years ago Hadassah took a giant step beyond simply accommodating natural childbirth. It opened a Natural Birthing Center dedicated to helping women give birth in the way they want.
The Hadassah University Medical Center has acquired a new tool in the battle to control hypertension: a catheterization technique called “renal denervation.”
The Hadassah University Medical Center’s AIDS Fertility Clinic has announced the birth of its first healthy baby to an HIV-positive father, thanks to its innovative fertility program for males with HIV.
A new investment option for the Hadassah Medical Center’s biotechnology innovations recently became available with the Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd (HBL)’s approval by the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) to trade as an American Depository Receipt (ADR), sponsored by Bank of New York-Mellon.
A clinical trial of an adult stem cell therapy to treat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) was launched at the Hadassah University Medical Center in June.
Following a huge explosion in Cyprus this summer, three Hadassah physicians flew over to extend their help in treating the more severely wounded.
Prof. Rami Mosheiff, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem, has been elected Europe Chairperson of AO Trauma, a 5,000- strong network of trauma surgeons, dedicated to “building a community of knowledge and new best practices.”
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