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Hadassah University Medical Center researchers, together with international colleagues from Whitehead Institute (Cambridge, MA) and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (NY), have identified a genetic cause of Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis (HSP), characterized by abnormal gait and spasticity of the lower limbs.
A new computer program is in development at the Hadassah University Medical Center which will enhance patient care and efficiency in the Judy and Sidney Swartz Center for Emergency Medicine (CEM). Also under development is a computer "game" to teach medical students and residents how to cope with different situations in the emergency room.
Hadassah Optimal Sports Center’s head nutritionist, Rakefet Arieli, is the first Israeli to receive the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s Diploma in Sports Nutrition.
Hadassah University Medical Center has been chosen to participate in a multicenter clinical trial of the Aposense Ltd.’s EarliTest diagnostic system for detection of brain, lung, and cervical cancer.
Dear Friends, We have all heard stories about people awakening from comas and recounting conversations they heard while they were “under.” Yet, much of the information we have about the brain functions of comatose people is anecdotal; much of the medical knowledge is based on subjective assessments and – until recently – there have not been any objective clinical measurements.
Dear Friends, “If you want your hospital, come and get it,” Teddy Kolleck is said to have told Kalman Mann on the second day of the Six Day War. The date was June 6th. The year, 1967.
Dorit Adler, B.Sc , MPH, PhD student, Director of the Nutrition and Dietetic Department, Hadassah Medical Center, Ein Kerem We live at a time when the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and certain types of cancer are spreading at a worrying pace.
Dear Friends, Every year more than a million people come to our Medical Center with a variety of illnesses, diseases and medical problems ranging from simple situations to complex conditions. Many of them are hospitalized, treated and discharged. They leave with a list of instructions, a handful of prescriptions, frequently a need for supportive services – and more often than not – dilemmas they will only realize when they get home.
Dear Friends, Yael Bossem-Levy is a familiar face around our Medical Center, gathering information from our doctors and relaying it to the media. You might recognize her as well. As spokesperson for the Hadassah Medical Organization, she has often been seen on television briefing the press and the public--sometimes beside me and other senior staff members--most often alone. Her career has involved publicizing many of Hadassah “firsts,” among them arranging for a television crew to cover Israel's first Deep Brain Stimulation surgery on a patient with Parkinson’s disease. A few weeks ago she wrote another story about a patient who underwent this life-enhancing procedure--but this time, she was the patient and this is her story.
Dear Friends, For longer than anyone can remember, far longer than the 63 years of the State of Israel we celebrate next week, Hadassah has been part of our landscape, our country, our consciousness. As far back as I can recall, Hadassah--especially the Hadassah Medical Organization--has frequently been recognized during the official ceremony that opens Independence Day festivities.
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