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“When we walked into Hadassah, the diversity of people within the hospital--both patients and professionals--was striking,” report three Stanford (CA) University students, who spent their college winter break on a campus leaders mission to Israel, where they were impressed by patients and staff at the Hadassah Medical Center.
In the new Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit in the Hadassah Medical Center’s Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, three patients recuperate!
Although Oleksandr Huch and Arten Zapototskyi did not know each other in their homeland of Ukraine, today they are roommates on the fifth floor of the Hadassah Medical Center’s Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower.
With the Jewish holiday of Purim right around the corner, members of Israel’s National Service and various volunteers, dressed in their finest Purim attire, brought an early celebration to the pediatric patients at the Hadassah Medical Center. The costumed visitors’ excitement, enthusiasm, and positive energy lifted the spirits of patients and staff alike.
On the eighth annual "Good Deeds Day" in Israel--a day dedicated to performing good deeds on behalf of others—volunteers visited various departments at the Hadassah Medical Center to uplift the patients’ spirits.
Thanks to advocacy by the Hadassah Medical Center’s Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Wellness Center, women’s heart health took center stage in Israel’s Knesset, with a special hearing in its Committee for the Status of Women and General Equality.
Every wedding is exciting, but tonight's is thrilling because 13 years ago, the young woman being married-- Adi Houdja--was on the verge of death in the trauma center at Hadassah University Hospital.
An in-depth, honest—and very encouraging—discussion about the ongoing recovery process at HMO.
The Hadassah Medical Organization's Director General discusses the latest developments at the Hospitals in Jerusalem
Under the umbrella of the Hadassah Medical Center’s ART-Joy-Love project in Ethiopia, Hadassah’s HIV/AIDS experts presented a four-day psychosocial workshop in Addis Ababa for the staff of five HIV/AIDS orphanages in January. (Read more about ART-Joy-Love’s mission of providing HIV/AIDS orphans with anti-retroviral therapy and multidisciplinary medical care, along with joy, love, and education at