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As part of the October global campaign to raise awareness of Breast Cancer, the Hadassah Medical Center organized a seminar called "Everything you wanted to know about breast cancer but never dared to ask".
Thanks to a wide range of sophisticated diagnostic and monitoring equipment, innovative treatment options, and a dedicated multidisciplinary team with an impressive success rate, the Hadassah Medical CenterĀfs Comprehensive Epilepsy Center continues to draw increasing numbers of patients from throughout Israel and abroad.
Hadassah Medical Organization Director General Avigdor Kaplan has named Hadassah physician Prof Yoram Weiss as the new medical director of Hadassah Ein Kerem.
To enhance the likelihood of medical innovations reaching the marketplace, the Director of the Hebrew University of Jerusalemís Center for Bioengineering, Dr. Yaakov Nahmias, partnered with the Director of the Hadassah Medical Centerís Heart Institute, Prof. Chaim Lotan, to create Israelís first Biodesign Medical Innovation program.
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With breathing and eating support removed, David Fintzi, the Romanian medical student that had been airlifted to the Hadassah Medical Center after being electrocuted on a sightseeing train in Moldavia, is able to speak freely and eat once again.
Children and adolescents referred to the Clinic for treatment have experienced serious family and social problems and have also undergone a traumatic event.
To help women who are grappling with infertility in a more holistic way, the Hadassah Medical Center opened a Mind-Body Fertility Center, which offers cognitive therapy and stress reduction classes, as well as yoga.
The Hadassah Medical Centerís Sharett Institute of Oncology provides comprehensive, compassionate care to patients of today, while it has its eye on helping the cancer patients of tomorrow, not only in Israel, but all over the globe. Thatís why research is a major focus of the Institute.
Taking action to stem the increase in AIDS cases among the residents of East Jerusalem, the Hadassah Medical Centerís AIDS Center hosted an in-service seminar on AIDS awareness and prevention for family doctors. The seminar, entitled "HIV--A Virus Without Borders,Ē included presentations about diagnostic methods, early symptoms, treatment options, quality of life, and life expectancy.
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