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UK Parliamentarians Laud Hadassah

During a debate in the British House of Commons commemorating Israel’s 60th anniversary, two Members of Parliament (MPs) lauded the achievements of the Hadassah Medical Center and its contributions to world peace.  

MP Sharon Hodgson described the Hadassah Medical Center as a “beacon of integration.”  Its mission statement, she noted, “includes a pledge to forge links between patients of all nationalities, races, and religions who come to its doors for healing. As well as being at the forefront of medical research and pioneering technologies, Hadassah is a tremendous example of equality and medical care that transcends all political divisions.”


MP Louise Ellman, who visited the Hadassah Medical Center last year as part of a delegation organized by Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) and Hadassah United Kingdom, related that during her visit to Hadassah Hospital, she saw “a tiny baby from Gaza, the victim of a domestic fire, being given dedicated care by a team of Israeli medics.”  MP Hodgson, a member of the Parliament’s Select Committee on Children, Schools, and Families, noted that she is “keen to learn” about possible ways to reduce health inequalities in the United Kingdom and “much can be learned from Israel’s achievements and best practices.”  In her presentation, MP Hodgson elaborated extensively on Israel’s success in absorbing large numbers of immigrant children into its educational system.


LFI plans to bring a large delegation to the Hadassah Medial Center in September.