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Hadassah Medical News (9 stories): Hadassah Medical Center Physicians Recommend New Guidelines for Treating Victims of Disaster, Thanks to Haiti Experience
Opportunity for Giving (1 story): Hadassah Medical Center's Pediatric Neurosurgery Team Saves Young Girl
Young Hadassah International (2 stories): Young Hadassah is Making History with Its First Ever Latin American Weekend
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The microbiology laboratory that Israeli
physicians set up in Haiti during their
relief mission
Critical lessons were learned by Hadassah Medical Center personnel from their earthquake relief mission in Haiti a little over a year ago--lessons that led them to suggest new guidelines for treating victims of earthquakes and other disasters.

Dr. Amal Bishara, left, Director of Hadassah's

Arab Bone Marrow Registry Outreach Project,
and Dr. Shoshana Israel, head of Hadassah's
Tissue Typing Unit
Since 2008, when the Hadassah Medical Center reached out to the Arab population, urging them to register in its Bone Marrow Registry, Dr. Amal Bishara, Outreach Project Director, has traveled to 60 Arab communities and brought in 9,000 registrants, resulting in six donations of life-saving bone marrow.

The Hadassah Medical Center will shortly open an Epilepsy Center to treat children and adults with this debilitating seizure disease, caused by abnormal electrical discharges in the brain.

Ophir Shahaf, Chief Executive
Officer, Hadasit Bio-Holdings
Regularly in the news for medical firsts, Hadassah is making headlines with a first of a radically different order. Its medical center in Jerusalem has become the world's first hospital with its own company--Hadasit Bio-Holdings (HBL)--traded on a national stock exchange, setting a global precedent in financing biotechnology and in facilitating new ways to heal.

Glass Sculptor Dale Chihuly (left) with Hadassah
Medical Center Director General Prof.
Shlomo Mor-Yosef observing the Art Rotunda
World-renowned Glass Sculptor Dale Chihuly visited us recently at Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem. After he left, I thought about the works of art that enhance our hallways and halls, passages and public spaces; about the countless paintings, sculptures, and drawings that grace both our campuses--and the role of art in the healing process.

From left: Ophir Shahaf, Chief
Executive Officer (CEO), Hadasit
Bio-Holdings Ltd; Esther Levanon, CEO
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange; Dr. Einat Zisman,
CEO, Hadasit; Esther Dominicini,
Hadassah Medical Center Board Member;
Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, Hadassah
Medical Center Director General;
Vincent Tchenguiz, Chairman, Consensus
Business Group, a major investor in 
Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd; and
Ambassador Zalman Shoval, Hadassah
Medical Center Board Member
On January 2, Hadasit, the Hadassah Medical Center's technology transfer company, had the privilege of sounding the buzzer which ushered in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange's first business day of 2011.

Researchers in the Department of Oral Medicine at the Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Dental Medicine have found that the incidence of parotid gland malignant tumors has quadrupled since 1970.

A study conducted by researchers at the Hadassah Medical Center reveals that a large majority of Israelis support "sin taxes"--charging people more in supplementary and private health premiums if they don't engage in a healthy lifestyle.

A class on Hebrew poetry for teenagers hospitalized in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Hadassah Medical Center has led to the creation of a unique photography exhibit, now on display at the Jerusalem Theater.

Dr. Mony Benifla, head of
Hadassah's Pediatric
Neurosurgery Unit
Last April, a five-year-old girl fell off a ladder she had climbed with her father to watch the Israel Independence Day fireworks from the roof of her home. Landing on her head, she suffered a life-threatening head injury, which put her in a coma. Thanks to quick action by Hadassah's Pediatric Neurosurgery team, today, she is recovering in a rehabilitation center, with prospects for a bright future.

Hadassah United Kingdom Trustee and Renowned Breast Surgeon Michael Baum has authored a book on breast cancer that has been described as an odyssey which is part personal memoir, part documentary, and part sermon.

Hadassah United Kingdom Gives Presentation at Conference on Jewish International Culture
Hadassah United Kingdom gave a presentation on Hadassah at the annual Limmud conference, "a voice of international Jewish culture," in December 2010. A table displaying Hadassah UK and Hadassah Medical Center brochures and flyers helped to raise awareness among the many participants in the conference.

Expanding its borders and its reach, this March, Young Hadassah International will hold its first ever regional conference in Latin America as a result of several successful European weekends.

This March, Young Hadassah Jerusalem will celebrate life through art with an enchanting evening of dinner and dancing.

Hadassah International unites people of all faiths and nationalities in their mission to improve lives around the globe through support of pioneering medical research, teaching, and healing at the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem.


Transcending politics, religion, and geographical boundaries to enhance world health, the Hadassah Medical Center was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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