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Two Israeli Arab children who received bone marrow transplants a year ago recently met with their Israeli Arab donors at a reunion hosted by the Hadassah University Medical Center.
The Henrietta Szold Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing celebrated the 10th anniversary of its clinical master’s program in advanced nursing practice in December and honored major supporters, the late Muriel and Philip Berman of Pennsylvania
When I arrived at work a week ago today, Hadassah-Ein Kerem was a different place. Overnight, the temporary wall that separated the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower from the main building had been removed.
Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower opens amid joy and prayer for the healing of the daughter of our People
Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower Moving In Day, March 19, 2012. See the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower Opening Ceremony LIVE on Monday morning, March 19, at 6:00 am EDT. Watch the excitement in Jerusalem.
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“For our small country of seven million, we have a truly remarkable and impressive hospital,” Dr. Josh Schroeder, fifth year orthopedic surgery resident at the Hadassah University Medical Center, told his audience at Hadassah’s New York Headquarters in February.
“It’s leading edge. Just the thinking behind it! Healing gardens, patient rooms, square feet, two beds per room, one bed per room, one window per patient…I mean these are huge developments,” Joseph Mapa, Chief Executive Officer of Toronto’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, said of the Hadassah University Medical Center’s new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, during a visit to Hadassah as part of the first-ever delegation to Israel of close to 50 CEOs from top hospitals in North America.
A Hadassah University Medical Center study, which demonstrated the benefits of using a novel needle for spinal fluid sampling, was highlighted in the December 2011 issue of the British Journal of Anesthesia.
Mittie Freeman from Ellijay, Georgia experienced a heart attack and stroke while touring Israel with her First Baptist Church group. After her life was saved at Hadassah Hospital, she sent a letter of thanks to the staff. “Jerusalem will always be in my prayers,” she wrote, “and you will be in my memory.”