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The Hadassah University Medical Center, for the first time in Israel, has pioneered a new treatment for liver cancer, using a direct flow of high-voltage electric current to destroy a malignant tumor.
Clarise Dabah, of Mexico City, Mexico, joined with over 2,000 women and men from around the world to celebrate Hadassah’s Centennial anniversary in Jerusalem. The president of Hadassah Mexico “…was most excited to be here at Hadassah’s 100th anniversary; I have waited a year to be able to celebrate this momentous occasion.”
When Marjorie Mizrachi founded Hadassah Panama in 2006, the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower was still a dream. Last week the Mizrachi family stood inside that Tower and represented the Jewish community of Panama honoring the late Chief Rabbi Sion Levy and their own devoted family.
Enlivex – a Hadasit start-up company (under HBL) which develops a preventive immune-modulatory treatment invented by Prof. Dror Mevorach and his laboratory at Hadassah Medical Center - has successfully completed the first Phase I/IIa clinical trial for testing the safety and preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of ApoCell in the prevention and treatment of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), a devastating and potentially life-threatening complication that occurs in 50-70% of patients receiving bone-marrow transplantation.
As I write this, negotiations for a ceasefire are taking place, while rockets and missiles continue to hit Israeli cities and towns--some a considerable distance from the Gaza Strip. This is a very difficult time, a very challenging time, yet there is a hope for a better future.
Hadassah establishes an Emergency Fund to support our work during crisis situations
The Hadassah Director of External Relations updates the role of the Hadassah Hospitals as the conflict continues in Gaza
These members of the Society of Major Donors of Hadassah brought honor to the Mexican Jewish community by supporting Hadassah projects in the organization's Centennial Year.
Hadassah received the following letter from a grateful family from Cordova, Argentina.
The board of Hadassah Switzerland hosted Ambassador Yigal Caspi and his wife Michal on their recent visit to Zurich in their office in Seefeld.