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“On Sunday, late at night, I arrived at the Emergency Room at Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem with my son and my 92-year-old father. A few hours earlier, my father fell at home and cut his right ear. Since it was my son’s Bar Mitzvah and there was not too much bleeding, we waited a few hours at home.
Using Zimmer® iASSIST™--a unique personalized guidance system involving a gyroscope and WiFi technology--surgeons at the Hadassah Medical Center have performed four successful knee replacements.
An 84-year-old man, in critical condition, was brought to the Hadassah Medical Center; his daughter later wrote to salute Hadassah for the quality of concern her father experienced in Internal Medicine B on Mount Scopus
A patient who was hospitalized for two months in the Hadassah Medical Center’s Psychiatry Department wrote to express his appreciation for the “unlimited dedication” of his physician.
While Palestinians are an integral part of the Hadassah Medical Center’s regular inpatient and outpatient populations, for the first time, a Hadassah physician went to a Nablus hospital within the Palestinian Authority to bring a Palestinian patient to Hadassah for treatment.
“For a growing number of public health professionals from 90 countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, and other parts of the developing world, the road to career success and influence runs through Jerusalem,” writes Judy Siegel-Itzkovich in her Jerusalem Post article about the graduates of the International Master’s of Public Health (IMPH) program at the Hadassah-Hebrew University Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine.
Dr. Aziz Darawsha, former Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine (ER) at the Emek Medical Center in Israel’s northern town of Afula, has been appointed Chair of Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem’s Department of Emergency Medicine.
One recent Friday night, frightened parents arrived at the emergency room of Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus with their eight-week-old son, who was struggling to breathe after his older brother had given him an unpitted date to eat.
Hadassah Medical Center surgeons recently performed a gastroenterological surgical procedure using the POEM (Per-Oral Endoscopic Myotomy) method, which does not involve incisions.
A delegation of African-American community leaders from southeastern United States tour Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem