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Rosh Hashanah is practically upon us bringing with it reflections on the year that has transpired and anticipation of the year to come. In a way, for me, the New Year also began on June 1st when I became Director General of the Hadassah Medical Organization. Approaching this new role involved a great deal of thought. Among the first things I undertook was a thorough analysis of HMO’s structure.
Hypertension, also known as the "silent killer," affects 7.5 million people per year. Most people with Hypertension are not diagnosed, and for those that are, it may be difficult to reduce their blood pressure, even if they are on medication.
A Hadassah medical team, in collaboration with researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed a completely new device that allows robot guided intubation without risk to the patient.
A multidisciplinary, holistic approach to patient care, combined with a large number of physician/scientists who take care of patients and conduct their own research are hallmarks of the Hadassah Medical Center’s Internal Medicine department.
During the past year, nearly a million patients of all ages turned to Hadassah’s two campuses of healing, at Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus, for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care.
Murad Alyan, an Arab medical translator and Chief of the East Jerusalem Bureau of United Hatzalah, an all-volunteer emergency medical service, received the 2013 Victor J. Goldberg Prize for Peace in the Middle East from the Institute of International Education (IIE), along with United Hatzalah Founder and President Eli Beer.
The celebration of the holiday of Rosh Hashanah is a joyous occasion. As I begin this New Year as your new President, I extend to you my wishes for a happy and fulfilling new year.
Breaking new ground for MRI imaging in diagnosing cancerous lesions and observing the body in real time as it metabolizes various molecules, Hadassah’s Center for Hyperpolarized MRI Molecular Imaging is an innovator in its domain. Using a technique called hyperpolarization, the Center is able to increase the sensitivity of an MRI scan 10,000 fold.
The Hadassah Medical Center’s Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Institute for Women, created with a 10 million-dollar grant from Psychotherapist Irene Pollin in memory of her daughter, Linda Joy, has already impacted the lives of hundreds of Arab and Israeli families.
“My dream is that every disabled patient in Israel will believe that Hadassah is the best place for them,” relates Dr. Isabella Schwartz, head of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus.