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Two ten-hour shifts are working around the clock to build the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower at the Hadassah Medical Center. The night shift handles the less noisy construction. With the fifth underground floor almost completed, workers have begun to build the fourth and third floors.
Hadassah is introducing a new model of geriatric care at its hospitals, bringing advanced services and research to Israel’s growing elderly population.
Dear Colleagues, Embracing the momentum and directives from the Strategic Planning Conference in Paris, we have begun to work with our colleagues around the world toward our goals of sustainability and an enhanced partnership with the Hadassah Medical Center. Since that incredible conference, we have met with leaders and staff in Vienna, Geneva, London, and Munich and have been energized by the enthusiastic commitment to these goals and our future.
Help Hadassah to serve Jerusalem’s children, providing them with top-notch facilities to match the first-rate medical care.
Young women in Amsterdam, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim, gathered on a Sunday afternoon for a Young Hadassah Holland “Speesjaal” workshop to learn about a common religious and cultural custom: head coverings. Speesjaal is a play on the Dutch words “sjaal” (scarf) and “speciaal” (special).
Eliad Sharoni, an Italian pianist, had never played the piano for his sister, Yifat, who was now a patient at the Hadassah Medical Center, terminally ill with cancer. He asked Ron Krumer, Director of External Relations, if he could bring his sister, by wheelchair, to the m ain lobby where there was a piano and give her a concert. “Of course!” Mr. Krumer told him. For 30 minutes, Eliad played the piano as Yifat and their mother listened. Others gathered around taking in the surreal scene. “It was as if everything stood still,” Mr. Krumer notes.
A clinical innovator and cutting-edge scientist, Prof. Felix Umansky is a world-renowned neurosurgeon who has spearheaded the blossoming of the Hadassah Medical Center’s Neurosurgery Department for over 15 years.
In appreciation for his life-long extensive and influential communal work, Gennie Freen, immediate past Chair of Young Hadassah Holland, was decorated as a member of the Royal Dutch Order of Orange-Nassau by the mayor of the city of Amstelveen on behalf of the Queen of the Netherlands. Gennie, age 35—one of the youngest people to receive this recognition—was nominated by his friends and Young Hadassah colleagues for this prestigious honor, which is awarded to upstanding citizens with long records of humanitarian service.
Join friends from around the world for an energizing and motivating Young Hadassah International event in Berlin, Germany.
A delegation from Canadian Hadassah-WIZO, led by their National President Marla Dan, toured the Hadassah Medical Center in early May.