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The Hadassah National Physicians Council and the Hadassah National Center for Nurses Councils are pleased to announce that you may now register for our continuing education program in Jerusalem, "From Concept to Cure", November 2-6, 2014.
Under the patronage of Prince Alexander zu Schaumburg Lippe, Hadassah International created an environment where, for the first time, three artists from three different nations could perform on one stage, working together for peace between countries and building bridges for future peace.
On March 11th 2014 Hadassah Germany invited all its supporters to a Hadassah Donor Celebration.
The 4th Christian Health Congress took place from March 26-29th in Bielefeld, Germany.
As academic institutions, the Hadassah University Medical Center and Charité University Hospital have agreed to work closely on the advancement of teaching and research. With the emphasis on pediatrics and the neurosciences, the hospitals will work to strengthen and intensify scientific contacts in order to “build a healthy world together.”
Hadassah International leadership came together from the four corners of the earth, gathering in Jerusalem to learn, to exchange ideas, and to be inspired by the life-changing work of the Hadassah Hospitals.
A Hadassah supporter and football enthusiast in the United Kingdom employs a creative way to amass his contribution to the cause: he bets that his local team--Manchester City--will win and he also bets on the Manchester United team losing.
To gain a greater understanding of the radiation therapy and support that pediatric cancer patients receive at the Hadassah Medical Center, psychologists, social workers, and rehabilitation nurses from ALYN Woldenberg Family Hospital, Israel's only pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation facility, visited Hadassah for an in-depth briefing and tour.
During a recent visit to Israel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, accompanied by Israel’s President, Shimon Peres, viewed an exhibition showcasing collaborative stem-cell research between the UK and the Hadassah Medical Center.
Prof. Joseph Borman, Hadassah Medical Center cardiothoracic surgeon, who performed Israel’s first heart transplant, tells the story of his personal and professional life in a newly published autobiography, entitled Open Hearts: Memoirs of a Cardiac Surgeon.