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Hadassah Germany Hosts Private Dinner with Special Guest John Malkovich

John Malkovich with Hadassah International Ambassador Veronica Ferres at the elegant private dinner

With the generous sponsorship of a Hadassah Germany Board Member who offered her private villa for the occasion, Hadassah Germany had the privilege of hosting a private charity dinner for 120 guests with internationally renowned star, John Malkovich, a close friend of Hadassah International Ambassador and Artist Veronica Ferres.


Each guest was asked to make a minimum donation of 1,000 euros (1,800 euros per couple). During the evening, Moderator Alexander Klaus Stecher conducted a 30-minute interview with Ms. Ferres and Mr. Malkovich. Gady Gronich, Director of Hadassah Europe, and Dr. Martin Marianowicz, President of the Shimon Peres Center for Peace in Germany, presented Mr. Malkovich with the gift of a Bavarian hat and jacket, which he graciously modeled for the audience.
Another highlight of the evening was the auctioning of the “Angel of Peace” golden sculpture created by the internationally renowned artist, Stefan Szczesny, from St.-Tropez.
The Angel of Peace was purchased by Irina Revine-Hoffmann, who was celebrating her birthday that evening.
Upon leaving, each guest received a bottle of Absolut Vodka, with a specially designed label, “Absolut Malkovich,” dedicated to the superstar.
Mr. Malkovich, with the supersized
bottle created especially for him
Hadassah Germany Board of Governors Member Prince Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe provided an elegant conclusion to the evening by playing the piano as the guests left for home. 
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