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Hadassah United Kingdom Trustee Authors Book on Breast Cancer
Hadassah United Kingdom Trustee and Renowned Breast Surgeon Michael Baum has authored a book on breast cancer that has been described as an odyssey which is part personal memoir, part documentary, and part sermon. 
Dr. Baum’s book, entitled Breast Beating, A Personal Odyssey in the Quest for an Understanding of Breast Cancer, the Meaning of Life and Other Easy Questions, describes his distinguished career from newly qualified surgeon to Professor Emeritus of Surgery and visiting Professor of Medical Humanities. It offers a personal insight into the author's family, the influence of a Jewish upbringing, and his reactions to both his mother and sister being diagnosed with breast cancer. A combination of medical facts alongside personal opinion, the book covers the biological behavior of cancer cells and tackles controversies over the relative merits of breast screening and complementary therapies.
Dr. Baum is the 2007 recipient of the prestigious St. Gallen Prize in breast cancer research. For more information, contact Hadassah UK at