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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Regine Sixt Honored as Hadassah International Citizen of the World
Left to right: HE Dalia Itzik, Member of Israel’s Knesset;
Yossi Rosen, Chair, Hadassah Medical Organization Board of
Directors; Nancy Falchuk, President, Hadassah; HE James
Cunningham, United States Ambassador to Israel; Regine Sixt,
Hadassah International Citizen of the World; Leslie Cunningham,
wife of US Ambassador; and Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, Hadassah
Medical Organization Director General
The Hadassah Medical Organization Board of Directors celebrated the presentation of Hadassah International’s Citizen of the World Award, recognizing global philanthropy, to Regine Sixt, founder of the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Association, owner with her husband,
Erich, of the Sixt Group, and Vice President of Marketing for Sixt, the largest international car rental and leasing company.
Mrs. Sixt, the first woman and first German to receive this award, is proud to be supporting a school within the Pediatrics Department of Hadassah Hospital, enabling hospitalized children to attend classes on line and keep up with their school work. "Hadassah Hospital stands for humanity,” Mrs. Sixt said.
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