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Radiotherapy: A Story of Saving a Life and a Little Girl’s Sight
When a seven-year-old girl arrived at the Hadassah Medical Center with a cancerous tumor in her eye that caused her eyeball to bulge, Hadassah’s Radiotherapy and Oncology teams fought to save her life and her sight. Thanks to a combination of high-powered focused radiation and chemotherapy, they succeeded. Today, Dalia is a healthy young girl with full vision in both her eyes.
Help Hadassah heal cancer patients with the
most up-to-date radiotherapy equipment 
25 euros:  Help a little boy with brain cancer retain cognitive function by contributing toward the most up-to-date, low-dose radiotherapy equipment.
50 euros:  Help Hadassah preserve the fertility of a young woman with pelvic cancer.
100 euros: Help Hadassah purchase the most technologically advanced “Trilogy System” to destroy tumors with the least damage to healthy tissue.
250 euros: Enable a patient with sarcoma to avoid disfiguring surgery by undergoing advanced radiotherapy.
500 euros:  Enable Hadassah to provide its thousands of patients with the full spectrum of the best complex treatments.
Suprise Us:  Partner with Hadassah to fight cancer using the 21st century’s number one weapon: advanced radiotherapy.
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