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Hadassah Physician Invents Brace for Scoliosis Sufferers and Hadasit Develops It
A Hadassah physician has invented a back brace, which has proven in a clinical trial to help those suffering from scoliosis.

Hadasit, the Hadassah Medical Center’s technology transfer company, developed the experimental back brace. Scoliosis, a complex 3-D deformation of the trunk, spine, and rib cage, can cause pain, difficulty in movement, and esthetic problems. The “Derotation Brace” uses a dynamic derotation mechanism to create neutral rotational forces that reverse the rotation of the spine and help correct the scoliosis, explains Dr. Naum Simanovsky of Hadassah’s Pediatric Unit at Ein Kerem, who invented the device. He adds that it is "the only dynamic treatment for scoliosis in development today."

The clinical trial, which began in December 2005, involved patients aged 12 to 15. Five had mild curves (20-25 degrees); 10 had moderate curves (25-39 degrees); and five had severe curves (more than 39 degrees). The last group had opted not to have surgery. Of the 20 patients in the study, 14 either experienced curve improvement or suffered no further deterioration in the curvature of their spines.